CR Ep 009: Human Trafficking Prevention with PBJ Learning and The Spotify Exodus with Todd Cochrane

In this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan welcomes Billy Joe Cain and David Deeds, founders of PBJ Learning, a provider of online resources and education in the field of human trafficking prevention. It is estimated that human trafficking generates billions of dollars of profit per year and is second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable form of transnational crime, worldwide. But this scourge is not only a world away…it is in our own backyards, our schools and more. What can we do to learn to recognize the signs of those who are victims of trafficking and how can we help raise awareness to the mission of PBJ Learning? In the second part of the episode, we are joined by Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry Podcasting to discuss the recent effort of cancelling Joe Rogan by classic rocker Neil Young and now possibly others. Despite the decision to maintain the Joe Rogan show on the Spotify platform, what dangerous ground does this call for cancellation trod and what rabbit holes of censorship could it lead down? Is podcasting, one of the last bastions of true “free speech”, now in the crosshairs of the FCC and other alphabet agencies for regulation? What can podcasters do to maintain their shows and topics and be free of the shackles of platform cancellation?