CR Ep 015: Russian End Times with Archbishop James Cloud & Forbidden Knowledge with Kathleen Marden

In this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan welcomes Archbishop James Cloud, SOSM and author of Walking with Ghosts: An Exorcist’s Memoir of the Paranomal, to discuss the recent invasion of the Ukraine by Russia. Is it possible this invasion has ties to end times prophecies mentioned in the Biblical second book of Daniel in the interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the crumbling statue? In the second part of the show, we are joined by Kathleen Marden, researcher, MUFON investigator, and author of the new book Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation. How does an alien abduction experience change a life? How do you begin to find a protocol to not only receive an abduction story, but to analyze and investigate one? This has become what is now a lifelong effort Kathleen Marden. From the case of her family members, Betty and Barney Hill, to her own experiences as an intergenerational contactee, Kathleen’s life has been steeped in the world of the Extraterrestrial. Join the Curious Realm as we delve into the topics of Russian end times prophecy with Archbishop James Cloud and the forbidden knowledge of extraterrestrial abductees with Kathleen Marden