CR Ep 050: TX UFOCon 2022 Preview with Craig Woolheater and Building the Pyramids with Steven Myers

In this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan welcomes Craig Woolheater, founder of Cyryptomundo, and organizer of the first annual Texas UFOCon in Jefferson, Texas. With the topic of UFOs/UAPs on the rise in the media, Texas has become a seeming hotbed of activity. What new research is there on the topic of UAPs and who will be presenting at the inaugural TX UFOCon? In the second part of the show, we are joined by Pyramid researcher and head of the Paroah’s Pump Foundation, Steven Myers, to discuss his recent month-long trip to Egypt. What are some of the strange things to be found in the temple of Dendera? How was the Great Pyramid of Giza built and is it a tomb as Egyptologists say it is? Join the Curious Realm as we delve into the topics of the first annual Texas UFOCon with Craig Woolheater and building the Pyramids with Steven Myers