CR Ep 056: Megalithic Cultures with Brad Olsen and America’s Stonehenge with Dennis Stone

In this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan welcomes back author and researcher Brad Olsen to discuss megalithic cultures and sites around the world. How did our ancestors build archeological sites of such massive size? Was there a higher technology being used or something else? Why do so many megalithic sites across the world have similarities in style, stellar alignments, and more? Our second guest is Dennis Stone, owner of America’s Stonehenge, a site in the heart of New Hampshire that has boggled researchers for generations. Including details such as astro-archeologic alignments, winding stone walls and large stone structures, the site has a storied history dating to before Anglo settlers arrived. Join the Curious realm as we explore the topics of megalithic cultures across the world with Brad Olsen as well as America’s Stonehenge with Dennis Stone.