DnB Ep 348: Astroworld Disaster Alleged Blood Sacrifice with Archbishop James Cloud

In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes returning guest and exorcist, Archbishop James Cloud to discuss the recent Astroworld disaster involving musical artist Travis Scott and the tragic deaths of 8 concert goers and injury of almost 300 others. Many have taken the symbology used in the festival promoted by Houston, Local Travis Scott to say that the deaths of concert goers was a blood sacrifice initiation to bring Scott into the ranks of the “occult elite”. But is this the case? When looking at symbols and symbology how easy can is be, to confuse the prima facia look of something with the actual intent and meaning behind it? How can we as average people learn to see the truth instead of being lead astray? How can we be on guard against the real evils of the world instead of the distractions of the day? Join the Dudes n Beer podcast as we explore the events of the Astroworld tragedy and the truth behind ritualistic practices and the presence of true evil in the world with Archbishop James Cloud.