Do The Wrong Thing Podcast: “Ordering is COMPLICATED!”

The Do The Wrong Thing Guys are back, minus one. Antonio just celebrated bringing his new child into this world and this episode is dedicated to him, Leo Devon Johnson. So with just L.A. & Cam holding it down, they discuss terrible fatherly advice. The Jeopardy controversy. Onlyfans closing out the vast majority of their content creators. Drake Vs. Kanye cont. , Drake also being the secret to ending the war on terrorism. Kendrick Lamar leaving TDE. In Entertainment Time. We break down the animated movies Batman The Long Halloween pt 1-2 by Warner Bros/DC. Untold Deal with the devil documentary now streaming on Netflix. Reminiscence starring Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson (spoiler stunk) now streaming on HBO Max. Lastly, a Classic Horror Story now streaming on Netflix. L.A. and Cam argue about scary and horror movies and have vastly different opinions on great titles. It’s always nice to be good, but it’s way more fun to do the wrong thing.