Do The Wrong Thing Podcast: “Poptarts”

The Do The Wrong Things boys go in on the crazy psychic “channeling” L.A. experienced on the Clubhouse App. We have a serious conversation about The Lox vs Dipset Versus takes. DONDA has a secon listening party Livestream and Nas releases King Disease 2 so we take the time to give you a breakdown with our in-house rapper Cam Archer leading the charge. Then in Entertainment Time, we go over the movie OLD directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Then L.A. & Antonio clash over David Lowery’s A24 movie “The Green Knight” ( Spoilers obviously) and lastly, we go over James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad movie (Spoilers Obviously) Opinionated, witty, and damn funny too: Join Us Weekly as Cam Archer, L.A. Salter & Antonio Devon Johnson Break down the latest in entertainment and pop culture news every Monday morning for all things pop culture and entertainment. Our Show is a Comedy and Entertainment News Podcast that takes a sarcastic and lighthearted look at media from the creative minds of 3 hilarious black men. It’s always nice to be good, but it’s way more fun to do the wrong thing.