Do The Wrong Thing Podcast: We Back Baby!

The Beverage Boy are back and it’s good to be giving you readers want you want. Part of our new rollout is video, (if you’re watching this congrats! Please like, subscribe and whatnot). This week we pay respects to PNB Rock, we dole out congrats to everyone black who won an Emmy. A rare convo about Nicki Minaj and her choice words for other female artists. Bret Farve receives A LOT of well deserved smoke for the Mississippi scandal and how bland he truly is. Now we are excited to present SPOOKY TIME! Where the guys will tackle the Halloween series going over details of the movies and giving our own awards leading up to the new movie dropping in theaters October of this year. We start with both Halloween 1 & 2 and expect 3 & 4 on the next episode.