Do The Wrong Thing Podcast: Why You Asking All Them Questions?

Welcome back to another episode of Do The Wrong Thing! In this week’s episode, the beverage boys dive into each other Psyche’s which leads into fascinating into a fascinating exchange of tough questions. Look trust me on this one this episode get’s wild. Don’t believe me, huh? Look this episode has all your favorite things, Angry Cam Archer, L.A. asking the tough questions that no one expected, and Antonio Talking about his Dad. But that’s not all – to raise the steaks the rest of the podcast crew gets to join in on the fun as they tackle Cam’s reactions to the Oscars. Will Cam Lash out Wildly? Will the Not-so-silent producer catch a few strays? Will L.A. give a horrible hot Take? let’s find out this time on the Do The Wrong Thing Podcast!