Dudes ‘n Beer Ep: 283 TikTok Spyware Records Keystrokes with Scott Ertz

In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes Scott Ertz, owner of the PLuGHiTz Corporation technology consulting firm and host of the popular F5 Refreshing Technology and Piltch Point podcasts on PLuGHiTz Live to discuss the latest developments in the recently revealed truth that the popular platform TikTok is spyware that has been recording keystrokes and spoofing the MAC addresses of their users! As social platforms pop-up and blow away in the wind of the digital horizon it is not uncommon to hear that there was some sort of data mining, scraping, or hacking involved prior to the demise of these social platforms…occasionally even with existing platforms. But in the case of TikTok the popular social media video platform from Chinese creators ByteDance has been found to be violating the privacy of it’s users and bypassing protection provided by Google. In July of 2020 a Senate bill proposed the ban on the installing of TikTok on any government issued devices. It even led to creation of a Presidential Executive Order on August 6, 2020 banning the popular app from America. What can we do to protect not only ourselves and our families, but children and the elderly from becoming victims of such blatant and targeted hacking? What are some of the other digital red flags we should be looking out for when installing apps and programs on devices and computers? Join the Dudes n Beer podcast as we welcome technology consultant Scott Ertz to the program to discuss TikTok, spyware and more.