Dudes ‘n Beer Ep: 292 US and Russian Election Tampering and Media Disinformation with Robert B Spence PhD

In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan again welcomes Dr Richard B Spence, 34 year professor of history specializing in US-Russian intelligence relations as well as author and host of the Great Courses series The Real History of Secret Societies to discuss the long line of issues inherent with our current election system as we know it as well as the numerous cases of election tampering and meddling committed by not just the Russians, but the United States CIA and intelligence agencies as well as the use of media agencies to carry out propaganda campaigns over the years.Since the inception of intelligence agencies, governments across the globe have sought to influence the elections of their rivals. While some attempts are direct as assassination, some are as subtle as disinformation campaigns and, as we saw in the 2016 election, the use of social media to influence the public and sway popular opinion. But how far do these stories go? How is it the the media itself is not just allowing these headlines, but in many cases pushing the dialogue and public opinion? How is it possible that there is actively and “Office of Anti-Propaganda Propaganda”in the United States? Is it possible for us to escape the wild pendulum ride that is the two-party system of politics? More importantly are we supposed to be able to escape the two-party system or is it actively in place as a means of controlling the people and ultimately public policy at large?Join the Dudes n Beer podcast as we welcome Richard B Spence, PhD to delve into a hard conversation on the state of politics in America, the fate of the two-party system and the common means of control and disinformation used by government intelligence agencies and media groups across the globe to influence and tamper with elections of other countries.