Dudes ‘n Beer Ep: 297 Dialogue in a Modern World with Dr. Myke Merrill and Michael E. Wilson

In this episode of the Dues n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes to the show Dr Myke Merrill, author of the book Why Do People Act That Way?: And What Can I Do About It? and Michael E. Wilson, a dynamic duo that speak about the importance of being mindful of one’s emotions and perceptions. How do we filter the world around us and how do we form our perceptions of that world? What does it mean to be mindful and ho can we learn use this technique to begin rebuilding a sense of empathy within our country and the world as a whole?!
In life, there are no “bad” emotions, nor “good” emotions. All emotions are essentially neutral — just human emotions. The real questions lie in what our emotions do to us, and what we do with them. When one understands their perceptions, emotions, motivations, and behaviors, they will be able to understand their true reality.
Join the Dudes n Beer podcast as we explore the depths of human emotion, their source, their reason for being and how we can learn to properly use our emotions to help us instead of letting them rule over us with special guests Dr. Myke Merrill and Michael E. Wilson.