Dudes ‘n Beer Ep: 316 Know Your Dreams, Know Yourself with Patricia Eltinge

In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by Patricia Eltinge, dream consultant and developer of The Dream Class: Know Your Dreams, Know Yourself! What happens when you stop being afraid of your dreams and learn to embrace them…good or bad? Is it truly possible for us to use our dreams as a path to not only help us find out what we need to fix, but how to fix it?
Patricia Eltinge is a Transactional Analysis Practitioner and a longtime leader of dream workshops. She is a personal dream consultant to business leaders, celebrities and therapists. Her system of dream analysis incorporates concepts developed by Dr. Pat Allen in order to help others to understand the important information we can glean from the unconscious through our dreams. Through her unique gift of dream reading and interpretation, Patricia provides guidance in appreciating the esoteric messages coming from our psyche. Patricia lives in Los Angeles and is also a holistic health expert and a medical advocate.
Join the Dudes n Beer podcast as we delve into the world of dreams and their meanings with Patricia Eltinge.