Dudes ‘n Beer Ep: 330 UAP Technology w Mark Fiorentino & Coronavirus Origins Panel Revelations w Dr John Hall

In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan once welcomes Mark Fiorentino, self-taught Metaphysician, and author of the book Master of Reality: Super Relativity – The Unified Field Theory, to discuss the realities of UAP technology. Mark has worked as an electronic technician at Harris Government Systems, working on satellite missile guidance systems and then at IBM as a computer programmer for over 15 years. What does that experience lead him to believe is the possible source of UAPs mentioned in the US Government’s recent UFO/UAP document? In the second part of the show, we welcome regular guest Dr John Hall, author of Guinea Pigs Technologies of Control, to discuss the recent bombshell revelations released during a recent Senate panel on the origins of the Coronavirus. What have we discovered? What do we now know as fact? What horrible realities did Chinese, UN, WHO and US officials know…and when did they know it, and why is this panel NOT being shouted from the mountaintops by mainstream media?! Join the Dudes n Beer podcast as we discuss the realities of UAP technology with author Mike Fiorentino as well as jaw dropping revelations concerning the origins of the Coronavirus with Dr John Hall.