MGC: Max Payne Xbox Recap – Could It Have Saved The Dreamcast ?

Max Payne has always been one of my favorite series from remedy who you might know as the developers behind Alan Wake and Control. The development for max payne goes all the way back to the 90s and actually started production around the same time that the matrix did. What is funny about that is the matrix was the first movie to feature the slow motion Bullet time effects and max payne was the first video game to feature the same effects. One interesting fact about max payne though is it was supposed to be released on the dreamcast as well before getting cancelled due to sega discontinuing the console. This game would get two sequels and inspire other games to use the same mechanics. I’d like to share a couple of fun facts though. The face for max payne is actually the writer of the game sam lake and the main villian is played by his real life mom.